TerraBoard Eco-Friendly Envelopes, Jumbo Flats, Flats and Expansions

Surprisingly affordable
eco-friendly envelopes.

The best way to ship products is the affordable way to ship packages. Use eco-friendly TerraBoardTM.

Don't let your brand end up in the landfill

Why TerraBoardTM

Landfills don’t improve a brand image.

Plastic bags are difficult and costly to recycle. Taking 300 years to photodegrade, they end up in landfills. Worse, they break down into toxic particles, which contaminate soil and waterways and enter our food chain.

See how TerraBoardTM can help you be part of the solution.

Why TerraBoard®

TerraBoard Eco-Friendly Envelopes vs Corrugated Packaging

TerraBoardTM envelopes vs. corrugated packaging.

With a TerraboardTM mailer versus a corrugated box or carton, you now have a distinct advantage on both actual weight and Dim weight because freight carriers are now charging on both actual weight and Dimensional (Dim) weight.

So by using TerraBoardTM, you can ship a softer, more compressed product – which adds up to an attractive way to save on shipping costs for eco-friendly packaging.

TerraBoard Eco-Friendly Envelopes Flats

The TerraBoardTM Advantage

Personalization & flexibility not offered by corrugated boxes.

  • TerraBoard is offered in 14 different sizes
  • Can be personalized with special printing up to 2 colors with a 1 carton minimum
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Terraboard® sustainable envelopes are now surprisingly affordable.
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